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Website Hosting and Maintenance Services

Having your website hosted on a high-quality server is a key trust signal for users and search engines.

Low quality hosting means that your website won't work as well as it should - it might go offline unexpectedly, and react slowly to visitors.

With Godawari Web Solution, you can have a website designed, developed and hosted all under one roof. We can also host and maintain your existing website that's been developed elsewhere.

We also offer web maintenance contracts so that you can benefit from our development expertise at an affordable hourly rate to ensure that your digital asset is well cared for.


High-quality web hosting

We can take you through the whole process of web development, right from buying your first domain to selecting a reputable hosting provider.

We offer domain registration and fully serviced quality web hosting to clients at very competitive rates.

The advantages of hosting with us are:

  • Knowledgeable, helpful phone support
  • Rapid fixes to any issues by a highly-qualified development team
  • A quality hosting service that will do your website justice and keep it secure
  • Strategic advice on how to maintain and secure your web environment