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With search engines in the process of improving their algorithms, Search Engine Optimization techniques have now become a challenging task, with companies launching improvised efforts on Search Engine Optimization to add more quality to websites and in the process take them to higher rankings in the search engine pages.

Godawari Web Solution has taken up the challenge in meeting the needs of their clients in optimizing their websites within a short period of time and providing an array of services that are of high standards. We have a team of SEO experts delivering the best solutions in search engine optimization by providing an array of services that are aimed at helping business owners to create a direct impact on visitors and divert them to their websites. Other SEO services we are offering include periodically redesigning websites with new content and information incorporated into them to update viewers about the latest activities of our clients.


Small businesses can now look forward to us for optimizing their website through one of the most professional and expert services in Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO experts have adequate knowledge on the algorithms and the periodical changes being made by Google, and that is why we are able to help our clients stay ahead in search engine page rankings.

Increasing converting web traffic with PPC

Paid online advertising in search engines can be a great way to instantly raise your business profile. It also helps you control key branded search terms to make sure your competitors aren't getting there first!

With a PPC campaign, you have control over the keywords you target, which means you can aim your campaigns at highly-converting web traffic.

You can also pay for advertising on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase post engagement and reach. Spending a little bit of money to boost the right post or content can have huge returns in terms of engagement and reach.

Managing & optimising your PPC campaigns for maximum results

Running a properly optimised campaign is about making sure you are targeting the right keywords to reach a receptive audience.

Google Adwords and Managed PPC Services by Godawari Web Solution

Godawari Web Solution have years of experience as a PPC marketing company alongside our other digital marketing services. We are skilled and competent in all aspects of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns. We can help you with:

  • Keyword research
  • Excluding negative keywords
  • Audience review
  • Optimising campaigns for minimum wastage, maximum results
  • Creating campaign-specific landing pages to increase conversions
  • Monitoring bid levels
  • Standardising a sustainable framework for future campaigns.

By analysing conversions, optimising campaigns and responding to the search market, we can make sure your Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or other paid media campaign is getting you the results you need.

We also have experience of managing Google AdGrants for charities.

Starting a new PPC campaign? Want to optimise an existing one? Contact us! Use PPC to drive results