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In the mammoth world of e-commerce, Raincan is another entity that sells grocery and online baby products.

To stand firm in this competitive market, Raincan wanted to start their social media presence to increase the visitors on their website along with conversions on the number of orders daily.

In short, our aim was to increase their online presence by a considerable figure which in turn can influence their sales.


To ensure that Raincan can compete against the market giants, we came up with an integrated approach that comprised of three levels: Explore, Streamline and Market


Since the products being sold by Raincan are households items, we had the freedom to explore with respect to the demographics.

Our organic activities explored all sorts of audiences to build a solid database which could prove to be highly useful.


After exploring all possible domains and audiences, we were able to streamline our approach in terms of the content.

We focused more on specific audience groups, ongoing season, upcoming festivities among others.


Once we streamlined our approach, we were able to market to the right set of audiences who predominantly were in between 28-50 years of age.

With a good audience base, we had numerous creatives with various coupons and offers.

We also ran numerous contests with various gift hampers to keep the engagement flowing.


By focusing solely on one city, we could achieve the desired results in spite of the stiff competition from market giants.

Thanks to our integrated approach, Raincan saw a traffic increase of over 50% on the website in the first month of its operation.

By the second month, Raincan saw an increase of over 50% in overall orders, thanks to their commendable online presence.

All in all, we proved that with an effective strategic approach, favorable results can be achieved.