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Open-Source Content Management Systems

We use user-friendly, streamlined and open-source CMSs

We choose our content management systems for two reasons:

1. They keep our clients happy with their usability

2. They keep our developers happy with their flexibility

We give you a website that you fully own; we never lock you in with a custom or proprietary CMS.

As part of our web development packages, we offer free CMS training sessions, so you can speak directly to our web developers.


Benefits of open-source CMS

We use open-source development technology. This means that you own the code behind your website and that future web updates are straightforward.

  • With one of our websites, you are not locked into a proprietary CMS: you are free to leave whenever you want
  • Accessing the web source code is easy
  • Frequent updates by an active user community mean sites stay secure for longer